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Connecting Technology

Radar provides a centralised customer data solution that provides your business with access and insight that only comes from a fully connected solution.

Our solution provides customer insight for sales, marketing, operations & commercial teams, using automation to connect systems and streamline processes.

Through our API, we can integrate with many different travel and technology providers, including reservation systems, cloud-based telephony systems, call intelligence platforms, websites, web analytics services, email providers and review sites to bring all customer data together in one place enabling the streamlining of processes and providing greater customer insight.

The integration in turn allows the automation of processes, removing the need for manual communications throughout the holiday lifecycle, supporting business growth without increasing overheads.

For a complete summary of our process why not download the PDF below.

Process flow diagram (PDF)

System Integration


Radar API

A powerful API that’s extensively tested for scale and built for ease-of-use.

Website Tracking

Track your customers interaction with your website through our integration with Google Analytics.

Telephony & Live chat

Tailor every customer call by identifying the customer through their phone number through an integration with cloud-based telephony systems.

Phone & Web Interaction Tracking

Track your customers interactions on your website through our integration with call intelligence platforms.

Email Provider Integration

Review how your customers have responded to your email communications through our integration with 3rd party email providers.

Customer Review Integration

Manage the process and understand your overall customer holiday satisfaction through our integration with Feefo and Revoo.

Reporting Integration

Monitor business performance with our reporting integration with visual analytics tools including Power BI and Tableau.

WhatsApp Integration

Manage all your sales enquiries in one centralised location with an integration with WhatsApp.

Vamoos App Integration

Manage the customer pre-departure journey with our integration with the travel companion app Vamoos.

Single Customer View

In your bespoke Single Customer View. you can store, manage, and query a range of data types including:

  • Customer/profile: such as name, DOB, email, phone, and address
  • Product data: such as destination, holiday type, duration, accommodation, tour
  • Transactional data: such as revenue, booking frequency, booking recency, booking status
  • Behavioural data: from email activity, website interactions, review feedback or other system integration information

Customer Communications

Radar offers a multi-channel marketing solution incorporating email and SMS campaign creation. Combined with our comprehensive API integrations, sophisticated tracking and analytics enables you to gather insights much deeper than clicks and opens.

With dynamic content, customer segmentation and multi-channel campaign planning, your organisation will benefit immediately from our integrated email marketing tool. With the targeting and automation options you can identify and target your most important customers, taking them on a  personalised journey across multiple channels to maximize your campaign return.


Multi-channel marketing flexibility

Create comprehensive multi-channel marketing campaigns that seamlessly combine email, post, and web.

Email templates

Ready-made templates to ensure the creation and execution of your campaign is as straightforward as possible.

Segmentation & personalisation

Create highly targeted customer segments to build relevant conversations with your customers based on their online and offline behaviour.

Marketing automation

Manage marketing campaigns from end to end and contact your prospects at just the right time in the digital journey.

Customer journey

Manage all the customer touchpoints throughout the booking journey, across digital, marketing, sales and customer service teams through ad-hoc, automated and triggered campaigns.

Membership & loyalty

Tailor business driven and customer driven communications to improve loyalty and maximise customer retention and the lifetime value of the customer.

Questionnaires & Surveys

Create questionnaires or online surveys to capture the feedback from customers on their experience with you. The feedback is captured directly back onto their record in the customer data hub and is accessible for campaign selections and reporting.

Customer Preference Centre

Capture and utilise customer preferences to ensure efficient and accurate communications and content.

Database Management 

With Radar you will be able to maintain complete control over your data and choose the data points that work best for your business.

With unlimited custom fields, unique individual and household ID’s Radar makes data management simple.

There is no limitation as to how many customer records or custom fields you have within the database which allows our clients to store as many different data points as they want, and use this for highly targeted, segmented, and automated communications.

Our team can also guide clients on the best approach to data integration and the segmentation of this data depending on the client systems involved.


Your KPIs and the way you measure success is unique to you. Our database model makes it easy for us to create custom reports for our clients. In addition, all data held in our datasets and cross tabs can be easily extracted for external use. With our integration into Power BI, it is possible to create personalised reporting which brings instant visualisation to business performance, enabling more informed  decision making.


Business Reporting

Bringing extensive customer data together with current booking analysis enables smarter and more informed business decisions to be made.

Customised Reporting

A range of customised reports can be developed based on client needs and automated where possible.

Database Analysis

Compare overall database size and list base performance via interactive dashboard reporting.

Customer Engagement

Comprehensive engagement reporting allows a deeper understanding of customer behaviour at any customer touch point.

Customer Lifetime Value

Determine the true value of your customer base and predict contact strategy effectiveness over the life of a customer.

Data Extracts

An easy to use, comprehensive data reporting extract system with added security for your peace of mind.


Measure true return on investment for each activity by tracking activity performance and overall booking conversions.

Performance and Security

At Radar we understand how valuable your data is and how imperative it is to protect that data for you. Data is our stock in trade, and we never underestimate its power or importance.

Data Protection Act

In the UK, Marketing Radar Ltd is registered and fully compliant under the Data Protection Act and e-Privacy (PeCR). Radar systems is compliant with the GDPR regulations

For a more information on our Security policy, click here

For a more information on our Privacy policy, click here

Data hosting

Radar utilises a managed service in a secure purpose-built Tier III data centre managed by vXtream for all client data processing. The data centre holds 24/7 National Emergency Status. Our services are managed by Dudobi. Both vXtream and Dudobi have their Information security management system certificated to ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

Data at Radar

Our backup and data retention needs are also provided by Dudobi. These are stored onsite for rapid recovery and at a different secure offsite location to support longer-term backups and disaster recovery.

Contingency plan / Disaster recovery

Radar’s managed service provides a partner site, which can have essential systems back up and running within hours.
Radar increasingly receives data in real-time. Our servers receive a new piece of data on average every second. To ensure no data is lost in the event of any Radar server downtime, Radar developed Radar Relay, which routes all data initially to AWS (Amazon Web Services), then into Radar. If the Radar server is not immediately available, the data will be held in AWS until the Radar server is ready to receive it.

Platform access

With mandatory password protection and various user access options, Radar is a secure platform