Plan, execute and analyse your marketing programmes more efficiently

Make the most of the data at your disposal with Radar. It's a marketing database with browser-based access that creates a Single Customer View (SCV), manages your campaigns and can generate results and analysis for review. What’s more, it combines the economies of an off-the-shelf solution with the benefits of a bespoke approach. Because we specialise in travel, there’s nothing better.

The range of modules we've developed will allow everything from simple campaign reporting through to full marketing automation – where automatic triggering of highly-personalised, postal/email/SMS campaigns takes place at the appropriate time, utilising any available and relevant data in order to make contact.

Adopting Radar is a cost efficient process as there's no software overhead and internet access is all that is required to use the system. The impact on your IT Team is minimal as all set up work is performed by the Marketing Radar team, including writing software routines to update the database.

Single Customer View and Marketing Automation

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Point of View

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Radar Modules

Campaign Manager

A simple to use, all media campaign selection tool. Totally configurable and all selections are driven from drop-down menus.

Marketing Automation

Provides the facility to run recurring and trigger campaigns without any user intervention. For example: pre-departure and welcome home campaigns, or campaigns triggered by a customer action such as clicking on a link or viewing specific pages on the website.


Provides a seamless integration with Lyris, Marketing Radar's powerful email broadcast tool of choice. So, your email campaigns can be selected, broadcast and all measured with ease.

Email Integrator

Provides integration with a client's email broadcast tool, offering up SCV and campaign data to be used by the broadcast tool. Equally the email campaign response data is pulled back into Radar in order to provide a complete view of campaign and customer history.

Contact Manager

A contact management tool utilising underlying SCV/SHV and allowing contact centres to access all customer history, including marketing contact.


An easy to use tool designed for non-analysts to enable them to run campaign evaluation, create reports and generate insight.


Marketing Radar has access to external data files covering all UK adults. Any or all of the data can be linked to your customer or prospect data through Radar in order to provide counts, deeper insight, profiles, data enhancement and acquisition data rental.


Generates a value-based segmentation of customers which will automatically recast according to business needs.

Online Connector

This module enables product and service message optimisation and allows trigger campaigns, based on web behaviour, to be implemented. It also permits tailored/personalised web content to be displayed to different customers and prospects. This is all achieved by combining customer-based website visitor click and web tracking data with traditional database purchase data and campaign history.

Online Surveys

A module that provides an online survey tool that can be tailored to match a client's requirements. The survey results are loaded directly into the SCV and are then accessible for Radar campaign selections and reporting.

Full-Service Direct Marketing Support

To get their in-house team off to a flying start, and to get the best from Radar, some clients choose to employ the Marketing Radar team in a full-service capacity. For some we even run the programme on their behalf, on a more permanent basis, especially if there is a shortage of in-house resources.

Typically this involves putting planning and scheduling in place, setting up the creative content for the trigger email and direct mail suite and testing the emails for smooth running campaigns. Not forgetting, refining the targeting to deliver ever improving response rates and a better ROI, together with advice on future direct marketing strategy.