Chris (Director)

Data is Chris’s speciality, he has an innate understanding of it, and more importantly - what can be discovered and leveraged within it. His talents have been a big factor in Marketing Radar successfully implementing bespoke marketing systems, often on very tight timescales, for some of the biggest players in the Travel sector. He thrives on databases containing contacts in the millions, helping clients make significant improvements to their marketing effectiveness.

Chris admits to being a bit of a romantic, so perhaps it’s no surprise that his ideal destination is the city of love, Paris.

Deb (Director)

Deb loves nothing more than making a business case to the board of blue chip companies, for an initiative that goes on to deliver substantial payback. Despite being regarded as a direct marketing industry guru, and frequently called upon for speaking engagements and judging panels, she still very much involved in client programmes, from strategic planning to campaign delivery.

With a client-side background that includes the Nationwide Building Society, HSBC and a long stint at Thomson Holidays, Deb can successfully balance the practical constraints and data management necessities when offering a solution. As a co-director of Marketing Radar Deb has, over the last 10 years, has concentrated her energies on travel sector companies and improving their use of customer data to drive the business.

In winter you’ll discover Deb on the slopes of her favourite skiing resorts and by summer she can be found at various festivals, dressing the part and enjoying music into the early hours.

Ray (Director)

A former Head of Marketing Technology at Thomson Holidays, where he delivered the database marketing capability to support Thomson's sophisticated relationship marketing strategy, Ray is a co-director of Marketing Radar. The same enthusiasm for new challenges remains today.

Ray’s past also includes developing CRM strategies, delivering database solutions (both in-house and bureau) and provided marketing data analysis for blue-chip clients such as Nissan, Hilton, Diageo and Motorola. Currently, Ray can be found engrossed in travel sector marketing, especially working on the deployment of Radar for clients and developing new modules to deliver an ever improving Single Customer View.

It would make Ray extremely happy if there were more opportunities to visit the bright lights, glamorous hotels and colourful nightlife of Las Vegas.


After 15 years of developing websites and content management systems for small businesses in Mid Wales, Alex decided it was time to move on to bigger and better things. He brought his expertise in all things HTML and CSS to Radar where he has been set to work on email templates, responsive Widgets and data capture forms. Alex has a thirst for coding knowledge and is always excited to learn new methods and techniques. When he isn’t crafting websites he spreads his spare time between designing video games and spending time with his wife and their two little rascals.

Not a fan of a fast-paced lifestyle, Alex leans more towards quiet family holidays on the Devonshire coast than jetting around the world.


Darren is a Microsoft Certified SQL Server Developer, with many years experience of SQL Server from version 2000 to 2016. He has working experience of querying databases, creating databases, creating SSRS reports, creating ETL packages and creating business dashboards.

He can be found in his spare time walking, holidaying in Seahouses/Bamburgh or Edinburgh and coding in Python/Linux on Raspberry Pi's. He has been interested in Astronomy since childhood. Keen motorcyclist with a Honda CBF600 at present.


Dave brings a sharp commercial edge to our advice on strategy and operational effectiveness with his passion for sustainable and measurable business benefit. He also has a wealth of commercial, client-side experience, not only from the UK and Europe but also the Middle East and the USA. His CV includes twelve years as CEO of European Operations for Acxiom - the global leader in the provision of Data and Data Management Services for marketing.

VisitEngland would approve. Dave’s favourite place is the beautiful Bantham Beach in South Devon, set in spectacular countryside and holding many happy memories of his childhood.

Derren's magnificent moustache


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By the way, I'm a software developer.


Our back office star, Judy has been Office Manager for over 9 years. Keeping the company machine well-oiled and running efficiently is no small task but nothing defeats Judy from organising invoicing to chasing Deb’s expenses.

To escape the Radar team, Judy likes nothing more than a vin chaud or two after skiing down a mountain.


Maxx is our sublime Systems Architect. Working from his Welsh stronghold, his holy grail is to develop the most excellent Campaign Management and Reporting tool the world has ever seen. We may be prejudiced but we believe he may have succeeded. When he is not working Maxx even manages to find time to design computer games such is his creative genius. As well as his family and pets Maxx loves long walks in the park, sunsets, and all things Japanese and of course Welsh.

His favourite place is Tokyo for the infinite variety of all its districts.


Fourteen years ago, Phil decided to turn his back on programming at a nuclear power station for a career where greater accuracy was required - in CRM. Goodbye to C++ and Fortran and hello to building databases in DataEase, MS Access and more recently an upgrade to SQL Server.

A dedicated programmer needs time to chill. Notwithstanding the highs and lows of following Liverpool FC, Phil likes to relax in the Yorkshire Dales or escape to Florida. A two week road trip driving around every corner of the state from the Florida Keys and the Everglades to Cape Canaveral and Miami is the dream.