Case Studies

Journey Latin America

The Challenge

Journey Latin America, the UK’s number one specialist in travel to Latin America, has used printed brochures as part of the marketing mix for over 30 years. The print cost represents a significant part of the marketing budget and a complete switch to digital versions looked, on paper at least, an attractive way to become more efficient.

Radar, with customer database at our fingertips, recommended a thorough investigation of the likely implications of such a switch and let the results determine future strategy.

The Solution

To ensure a robust trial, Radar devised a 2-way AB split test. The target group was split into 2 sub-groups to receive either a colour brochure in the post, or an email with download and brochure request links.

A second layer of the test profiled the database to find lookalikes that were outside of the primary targeting criteria. These were also split between postal mailing and email contact.

The Results

The results defied expectation and proved the value of instigating a proper test.

After 3 weeks the bookings from email recipients were significantly outperforming bookings from recipients of the brochure by post.

After 3 months, however, the reverse was true. Not only were bookings from brochure recipients 23% higher than bookings from emailed customers, but the average selling price (ASP) for those with a brochure was 50% higher than their email counterparts.

Profiled lookalikes also performed very well, delivering positive return on investment and generating an extra 35% of incremental bookings.

Overall, for every £1 spent, the campaign delivered a £29 margin (not revenue) for email, and £23 for the brochure mailing.

On our recommendation and with some further prudent data selection, a combination of printed brochures and digital downloads were adopted for the following year’s marketing programme.

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