Case Studies

Our clients have achieved significant results as a direct result of using Radar software

Having a robust Single Customer View/Single Household View (SCV/SHV) database and a campaign management tool that facilitates both ad hoc and event-triggered, fully-automated, recurring campaigns has led to many success stories. Read a little more about the way Radar has worked for four of our clients.




Island Cruises

Marketing Radar successfully built a front-end database that equipped the marketing team with a powerful new business tool. Campaign priorities were suddenly much easier to identify and an incremental £170 per booking from selling Caribbean shore excursions, prior to departure, was a typical success story.

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Journey Latin America

JLA were considering abandoning physical brochures and moving solely to digital downloads. Radar devised a robust test, and at the same time saw an opportunity to trial extending brochure targeting by using lifestyle data in conjunction with JLA’s own data. JLA were delighted with the results and have adapted their ongoing brochure strategy as a direct consequence.

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Mark Warner

Mark Warner has been using Radar’s marketing software to run all their DM campaigns (mail and email, with plans afoot to include SMS). Could we use the tools in place to find further profitable opportunities for our client, especially after running successful programmes together for a number of years? Of course we could!

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With over 150 travel agents judging the outcome, this was a tough assignment. Marketing Radar won through providing a database to power centrally created campaigns driven by dynamic data. The highly targeted and personalised communications this allows are achieving an ROI of up to 20:1 and it’s smiles all round.

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